At least I have Lou

Daniel & Julie left for Bishop this morning.
I wont see him until tomorrow night (late night).
This is going to break our "seeing eachother everyday for the past 2 years" streak.
Oh well.
It's just a day and a half.
I will miss him lots, but...

At least I have Lou.

...ok, So I'm going to miss him like C R A Z Y!!! He's my best friend, the one who makes life seem easier (because I'm over-dramatic), he makes me laugh so much, and I am totally lost without him.

But I think I can manage not being with him for at least a day and a half........we'll see if I go insane.


Julie said...

Well, he's back. How did you do without him?

d said...

I missed you soo much while i was away. I was so anxious to see you. It was an incredible feeling when i had you in my arms again.
i love you