Its been a while, but..

We're officially back from our trip.

Our stops included (in order):
-San Francisco
-Portland, OR
-Multnomah Falls, OR
-Hood River, OR
-Coeur D'Alene, ID
-Seattle, WA
-Lincolin City, OR (it's along the Oregon Coast)
-San Francisco

I have pictures. I really didn't take too many, but there are some of the very gorgeous places we saw along our journey. Stay tuned...I still need to edit them.

And if it's too much to wait Amy has posted some pictures from our stop in Idaho. They are hilarious.

p.s. I love this picture of Daniel and I. I think we're starting to dress alike. Is that good or bad?

p.s.s. There was only one problem that popped up on our trip...


Julie said...

I thought the same thing when I saw this picture. It made me smile.

daniel said...


Daniel said...

have a great day at work darlin, can't wait till your off

. said...


I'm loving your adventures and Pictures. And yes you and Daniel are starting to dress alike. haha I think you guys are good as long as Daniel doesn't grow man boobs. It really separates you two.

Jenae said...

Yeah..I don't know what happened, but I think I'm ok with it. I really hope he doesn't man boobs either....that'd be strange. I think he would have to get super big or super old for the man boobs to come in...so we have time.