A little late

this was taken on our very last day.
and now I know how Andrew feels being shorter than your younger sibling...

I have been meaning to post the rest of my Yosemite pictures (yes there's more)...so this is going to be the rest of them.

First off, the beautiful forests. Made me feel like I was in Twilight. I kept looking over my shoulder for Edward Cullen, but he was no where to be found...I was pretty sad that I didn't see the sparkle man.

The last of these images were taken along the 140 Highway. I think it's still considered Yosemite in these parts, but I am not really 100 percent sure. One thing I am sure of is that it was so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

And that is how the trip ended.
Well...actually it ended a little bit like this:


Julie said...

The picture with the mountains and the lake is gorgeous.

daniel said...

that was an amazing trip, and not so amazing mcdonalds. Those forests up there were beautiful. I cant wait to go back with everybody next year. Oh and i love the picture with my boot on tthe rock and the one with the rock in the right side of the frame covered with vegitation. Perfect compositions!

mom said...

I was so happy that we went together on this trip and shared these great memories. Already booked the trip for next year, cause we had such a fantastic time.

Soumya said...

hi this is quite interestinsg pics

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