Yosemite & Future Trips

We drove through the longest tunnel ever
& when we reached the end we saw this
& realized we weren't in saugus anymore.
This lookout is called "Tunnel View"

We just came back from Yosemite on monday night & I already miss being outdoors.

I absolutely loved Yosemite, it was so beautiful & peaceful. I might post a picture or two a day to show how beautiful this place was. There are already plans to go again next summer & I would love for this to turn into a family tradition because I feel like I haven't had enough of that place yet.

Thankfully my vacation isn't over...well technically it is because I work today, thursday, & friday, but I will be off again for a week & half because I am taking a pretty Big roadtrip (making a pit-stop for a wedding in Idaho for two really cute & awesome people). We leave saturday afternoon & arrive in San Fransisco that night & we'll probably stay there sunday night as well. (We haven't really made solid plans about how long we'll be staying places, but I like it that way). The next stop will be Portland, Oregon & the next stop after that will be at Hood River where we are going to meet up with Daniel's cousin Jason. Late wednesday night we will arrive in Idaho & then we leave there sometime saturday. I know for sure that we are stopping in Seattle, Washington, but after that it's all up in there air on what we're doing. What I do know is that I am totally excited & I can't wait.

We plan on staying a whole day or two in each city we stop. Please let this week go by quick.


daniel said...

thats a cute pic of you. I know, i cant wait for the trip. these next few days are going to drag but soon enough we will be on the open road. Yosemite was a blast! i had a great time with you an your family

Phillipe said...


you guys shouldve taken me with you to yosemite, this is rad, both you guys seem to have phone problems like me, im about to text you my number...hopefully you gots the same number

Katie Spelling said...

I miss you!!!! Im glad you guys had fun, it looks like it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I think I might have to go visit there soon :-) Im jealous that you are going to Hood, it is SOOO pretty!!! Have tons of fun and I cant wait to meet up with you in Idaho. We are gonna miss you guys in San Fran!!! love ya! XOXO

Amy T Schubert said...

can't wait to see more pics .. Andrew and I still have never been to Yosemite together... lame.

Anonymous said...

Hey face. Can I call you face? For some reason that's your new nick name. But I like the picture of the tunnel view very pretty and the picture of you in the car... What was the weather like in Yosemite and where did you stay? Did you camp? Let me know.

Jenae said...

ha. Thanks! Yes you may call me face. I like it more than Jenae actually. The weather was AMAZING, at least I thought so. It's warm & perfect. We sort of camped I guess, it's like a big camp ground called Curry Village right in the center of Yosemite. We were near lower Yosemite Falls area. I loved the trip so much. You should totally go, its amazing.