We made it

Of course...we got lost along our way to Yosemite...mapquest just isn't very reliable in the wilderness & Yosemite does not have any signs to direct you anywhere. It's ridiculous, but we stopped to try to ask people if we were going the wrong way a& then walked to the stream nearby. The water is beautiful and it's always shimmering with a rainbow of colors. Apparently it's also freezing, but I am a lover of anything that involves water so I tend to not feel the coldness like others. I thought the water was perfect, Daniel thought he would die if any body part touched the water.

Is it just me or does Daniel look like he has a huge chest? He's probably going to turn bright red when he reads this. I just love that I've seen him change so much through out the time we've been together. When we first met he was a little lanky 17 year old string bean.

We finally made it to the camps site & ate pizza at the Pizza Patio. It was delish.

So these are the little "cabin tents" that we stayed in. I'm not really sure how to explain them, but its like a really thin wood cabin with a tarp over it.

But they were very comfortable & it fits 3 beds inside those things, which was absolutely perfect for all 4 of us.

Daniel taking legit pics.

I call myself the documentor

& Daniel the artist.

When is comes to photography obviously.