Yosemite: The Most Gorgeous Water...EVER

It's not a fact really, just an opinion.

But you can't just sit there and tell me that the water isn't gorgeous.

I could swim in that right now. True story: Daniel actually mustered up the strength & courage to jump into the water. You see I was bothering him a lot, calling him a baby & such, because he was only in like knee deep. And I was swimming around, all alone, with no one to play in the water with, so I kept bothering everyone to get in already. He told me to cut it out or he would NEVER GO IN THE WATER AGAIN! Such a threat. Next thing I know this guys jumping in & then comes out gasping for air. He looked pannicked & his arms were swinging in the air like a maniac (he's really dramatic). I told him to quit freaking out, breathe, & swim really fast. He did, warmed up, & was my old Daniel again. He stayed in for a while, but I think he was still pretty freezing. Nonetheless, I was extremely proud of him.

I loved it so much. I wish we had rivers like this close to Santa Clarita. I feel like it's even better than the beach because it's in the middle of forests & it's beautiful!
In other news Daniel & I leave for our BIGlittle roadtrip tomorrow. I am so excited about it & I am almost tempted to leave right this second.


Daniel said...

that water was freezing! i don't know how you do it.

Oh and those are some great pictures