I'm so excited

And here's the reason's why:

- I have Art History class tonight (Did I tell anyone I decided on becoming an Art History major?)
- I can't wait to show Daniel the flash cards I made for our Art History final (they're awesome!)
- Christmas is coming soon & I finally finished shopping for Daniel (kind of)
- I had the largest pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks today & I am riduculously hyper
- I've never had one that big before...EVER!
- I am getting new nerd goggles (glasses) because I lost my other pair & I am assuming it's the reason behind my 4 day headache
- I love my boyfriend Daniel because he is Oh So Sweet
- I've been making art lately, which makes me happy
- Did I mention class is tonight?
- Did I just blog?
- Christmas is around the corner & I can't wait to give everyone their presents
- I am hoping they will love them forever
- Hopefully going on a run tomorrow
- I have friday off because I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth taken out......but I cancelled....because I am a baby....
-BUT I have friday off, so I will be relaxing & wrapping xmas presents
- I might start blogging again....but who knows really...let's see if anyone notices I even blogged today, haha.