I'm so excited

And here's the reason's why:

- I have Art History class tonight (Did I tell anyone I decided on becoming an Art History major?)
- I can't wait to show Daniel the flash cards I made for our Art History final (they're awesome!)
- Christmas is coming soon & I finally finished shopping for Daniel (kind of)
- I had the largest pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks today & I am riduculously hyper
- I've never had one that big before...EVER!
- I am getting new nerd goggles (glasses) because I lost my other pair & I am assuming it's the reason behind my 4 day headache
- I love my boyfriend Daniel because he is Oh So Sweet
- I've been making art lately, which makes me happy
- Did I mention class is tonight?
- Did I just blog?
- Christmas is around the corner & I can't wait to give everyone their presents
- I am hoping they will love them forever
- Hopefully going on a run tomorrow
- I have friday off because I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth taken out......but I cancelled....because I am a baby....
-BUT I have friday off, so I will be relaxing & wrapping xmas presents
- I might start blogging again....but who knows really...let's see if anyone notices I even blogged today, haha.


Amy T Schubert said...

I noticed you blogged right away - because of the magic of Google reader.

also, the caffeine really comes through in your reading.

also, when you major in Art History, you should totally study abroad in Europe for a semester. And Daniel can intern with some photographer in Paris. And it will be wonderful!

A Couple of Pearls said...

omg yes. Finally.

Julie said...

Sorry I didn't realize you updated your blog, I guess I got out of the habit of checking it.

I like Amy's idea and I am happy you decided on your major and I think it is perfect for you.
I love christmas too.

Ellinor Forje said...

We noticed, and I love your header. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too, soon.


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