I'm so excited

And here's the reason's why:

- I have Art History class tonight (Did I tell anyone I decided on becoming an Art History major?)
- I can't wait to show Daniel the flash cards I made for our Art History final (they're awesome!)
- Christmas is coming soon & I finally finished shopping for Daniel (kind of)
- I had the largest pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks today & I am riduculously hyper
- I've never had one that big before...EVER!
- I am getting new nerd goggles (glasses) because I lost my other pair & I am assuming it's the reason behind my 4 day headache
- I love my boyfriend Daniel because he is Oh So Sweet
- I've been making art lately, which makes me happy
- Did I mention class is tonight?
- Did I just blog?
- Christmas is around the corner & I can't wait to give everyone their presents
- I am hoping they will love them forever
- Hopefully going on a run tomorrow
- I have friday off because I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth taken out......but I cancelled....because I am a baby....
-BUT I have friday off, so I will be relaxing & wrapping xmas presents
- I might start blogging again....but who knows really...let's see if anyone notices I even blogged today, haha.


My Inspiration

Daniel is definitely one of the biggest inspirations in my life. He always has such beautiful and inspiring images. It makes me want to create something with color.



You should really click on the link below the images so you can see them larger and better detailed....blogger just does not do the images justice. If you don't you might regret it....
So I just saw these for the first time the other day and I was blown away. He never stops amazing me with how much talent he has. So glad to have such a wonderful person in my life.

Thanks Daniel for always inspiring me to be artistic.



Well, actually it was card making, but I think it's still considered scrapbooking since you use the same supplies.
Anyways my mom held a Stampin Up card making party at our house this last weekend. Which means I have to go, but I'm not complaining because it's super fun & I learn a lot. We're also super lucky because we know the instructor, which just so happens to be my little sisters Aunt Trisha. She has her own blog called My Little Creative Corner if you want to take a look at the beautiful things she makes.

We had a lot of fun and a lot of friends & neighbors came to join in the festivities.
my mom
My Grandma & Cousin
My little sister & neighbor friend
My cousin

The above picture is of my little sisters friend (and our next-door neighbor) with her Grandma and I found out some really interesting things about this grandma of hers.

1. She has an RV (which I really think is awesome, but Daniel and I really just want a camper shell for his truck or something tiny like this because we would rather camp more, but that's just our preference now)

2. This is the big reason why I wish I could be her...she has been driving around the U.S. (with her husband) and living in the RV since 2001!!!!

They have a blog that has all of their trips from 2001-present. It's called Gerry and Terry. If I recall correctly, I think she said that they have been to 49 states so far. So cool.

I wish I could do that right this moment. My biggest dream is to do something like this, but before I retire...only because I'd like to be extremely active & you just can't do the same things when you're older (or at least I don't think I will be able to...). I can't even explain how much Daniel and I have been dreaming of seeing all of the U.S. There is so much beauty and wonderful sights to see in this place we call America and I want to explore it all. I know a lot of people will think I am crazy, but I'd much rather see all of the U.S. before I venture out...haha, it is crazy!

Of course you need $$$$ to do this sort of thing, which I don't right now, so I'll work really hard and get a good education and maybe one day Daniel and I could do something like this.... but who really knows where life is going to take you.

So we return to our card making fun-tivities & here are the masterpieces we crafted.

Sooo Cute & easy.

It makes me want to put together a scrapbook, but I'm lazy...and school started...so I'm lazy/busy...ughhhhhh.

OH! And I am sure we will have one of these parties again, so if you weren't invited or you were busy, just let me know that you'd love to be there...for the FREE fun. Unless of course you purchase something out of their catalog, then it's not free....sorry.


A little late

this was taken on our very last day.
and now I know how Andrew feels being shorter than your younger sibling...

I have been meaning to post the rest of my Yosemite pictures (yes there's more)...so this is going to be the rest of them.

First off, the beautiful forests. Made me feel like I was in Twilight. I kept looking over my shoulder for Edward Cullen, but he was no where to be found...I was pretty sad that I didn't see the sparkle man.

The last of these images were taken along the 140 Highway. I think it's still considered Yosemite in these parts, but I am not really 100 percent sure. One thing I am sure of is that it was so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

And that is how the trip ended.
Well...actually it ended a little bit like this:


Its been a while, but..

We're officially back from our trip.

Our stops included (in order):
-San Francisco
-Portland, OR
-Multnomah Falls, OR
-Hood River, OR
-Coeur D'Alene, ID
-Seattle, WA
-Lincolin City, OR (it's along the Oregon Coast)
-San Francisco

I have pictures. I really didn't take too many, but there are some of the very gorgeous places we saw along our journey. Stay tuned...I still need to edit them.

And if it's too much to wait Amy has posted some pictures from our stop in Idaho. They are hilarious.

p.s. I love this picture of Daniel and I. I think we're starting to dress alike. Is that good or bad?

p.s.s. There was only one problem that popped up on our trip...


Hello from Portland, OR

When can I move here?


Yosemite: The Most Gorgeous Water...EVER

It's not a fact really, just an opinion.

But you can't just sit there and tell me that the water isn't gorgeous.

I could swim in that right now. True story: Daniel actually mustered up the strength & courage to jump into the water. You see I was bothering him a lot, calling him a baby & such, because he was only in like knee deep. And I was swimming around, all alone, with no one to play in the water with, so I kept bothering everyone to get in already. He told me to cut it out or he would NEVER GO IN THE WATER AGAIN! Such a threat. Next thing I know this guys jumping in & then comes out gasping for air. He looked pannicked & his arms were swinging in the air like a maniac (he's really dramatic). I told him to quit freaking out, breathe, & swim really fast. He did, warmed up, & was my old Daniel again. He stayed in for a while, but I think he was still pretty freezing. Nonetheless, I was extremely proud of him.

I loved it so much. I wish we had rivers like this close to Santa Clarita. I feel like it's even better than the beach because it's in the middle of forests & it's beautiful!
In other news Daniel & I leave for our BIGlittle roadtrip tomorrow. I am so excited about it & I am almost tempted to leave right this second.


We made it

Of course...we got lost along our way to Yosemite...mapquest just isn't very reliable in the wilderness & Yosemite does not have any signs to direct you anywhere. It's ridiculous, but we stopped to try to ask people if we were going the wrong way a& then walked to the stream nearby. The water is beautiful and it's always shimmering with a rainbow of colors. Apparently it's also freezing, but I am a lover of anything that involves water so I tend to not feel the coldness like others. I thought the water was perfect, Daniel thought he would die if any body part touched the water.

Is it just me or does Daniel look like he has a huge chest? He's probably going to turn bright red when he reads this. I just love that I've seen him change so much through out the time we've been together. When we first met he was a little lanky 17 year old string bean.

We finally made it to the camps site & ate pizza at the Pizza Patio. It was delish.

So these are the little "cabin tents" that we stayed in. I'm not really sure how to explain them, but its like a really thin wood cabin with a tarp over it.

But they were very comfortable & it fits 3 beds inside those things, which was absolutely perfect for all 4 of us.

Daniel taking legit pics.

I call myself the documentor

& Daniel the artist.

When is comes to photography obviously.


Yosemite & Future Trips

We drove through the longest tunnel ever
& when we reached the end we saw this
& realized we weren't in saugus anymore.
This lookout is called "Tunnel View"

We just came back from Yosemite on monday night & I already miss being outdoors.

I absolutely loved Yosemite, it was so beautiful & peaceful. I might post a picture or two a day to show how beautiful this place was. There are already plans to go again next summer & I would love for this to turn into a family tradition because I feel like I haven't had enough of that place yet.

Thankfully my vacation isn't over...well technically it is because I work today, thursday, & friday, but I will be off again for a week & half because I am taking a pretty Big roadtrip (making a pit-stop for a wedding in Idaho for two really cute & awesome people). We leave saturday afternoon & arrive in San Fransisco that night & we'll probably stay there sunday night as well. (We haven't really made solid plans about how long we'll be staying places, but I like it that way). The next stop will be Portland, Oregon & the next stop after that will be at Hood River where we are going to meet up with Daniel's cousin Jason. Late wednesday night we will arrive in Idaho & then we leave there sometime saturday. I know for sure that we are stopping in Seattle, Washington, but after that it's all up in there air on what we're doing. What I do know is that I am totally excited & I can't wait.

We plan on staying a whole day or two in each city we stop. Please let this week go by quick.


Confused & Lost

Things aren't making sense these days.
I'm finding out things I wish I never knew.

I wont go in to detail about everything, I just can't, but I also know that I can't have a blog right now. I'm unmotivated and unhappy with situations right now & I have nothing to say because I am too hurt & confused right now.

I might post a picture or two sometimes, but I really have no emotions right now & I just cant find any thing inside me that makes me want to talk (write) anymore. I just can't do it.

Until I finally feel ok...goodbye.


At least I have Lou

Daniel & Julie left for Bishop this morning.
I wont see him until tomorrow night (late night).
This is going to break our "seeing eachother everyday for the past 2 years" streak.
Oh well.
It's just a day and a half.
I will miss him lots, but...

At least I have Lou.

...ok, So I'm going to miss him like C R A Z Y!!! He's my best friend, the one who makes life seem easier (because I'm over-dramatic), he makes me laugh so much, and I am totally lost without him.

But I think I can manage not being with him for at least a day and a half........we'll see if I go insane.


Nothing compares to you

This combination is so delicious. Of course you can use any brand or typew of peanut butter. I love crunchy peanut butter the most.

Whats your favorite peanut butter? (so I know only my family reads this blog, but I am super curious for some reason) hahaha


Blah Blah Blah

Today's thoughts:

-Daniel makes me laugh so much
-Invite people over for Sat. BBQ
-I hope Daniel will have fun
-I hate bills
-Blogging is boring when there's nothing to say
-I'm the late one today
-I love 3-day weekends
-I can't believe that Daniel cant recognize an actor who just changes their hair color & length

-I love this boys face soo much.
-I also love when his is letting it all hang loose:

-UGH. I can't wait to get off work
-I love reading
-Thanks AMY!


Happy Birthday to me

Just woke up 30mins ago & it's my birthday
All is good.

now where are all of my presents?!?!?!?!


Too many thoughts

I am becoming obsessed with my thoughts on my drives to & from work. I blame "thought obsession" on Daniel because he is the same way. Always staring off into the distance thinking about something, obsessing, so much thinking that he furrows his brows. It's made a big dent in-between his eyes, it's quite cute. I love that little dent.

Anyways, I've become completely obsessed with different ideas that they are all mashed in my brain trying to become real instead of just ideas. And that's when I have a heart attack because I feel like I will never be able to make anything become real. It's not because I am lazy...well...not that lazy. It's just I become overwhelmed & sometimes I wish I had just one idea that sparked my interest, instead of EVERYTHING sparking my interest. I want to do EVERYTHING imaginable, but I just don't think one person can do everything they want, create anything they want...I guess I just get flustered with not having a dream or a purpose or even a dream job.

I wish I could find my purpose...I'm turning 22 in three days and I feel like time keeps falling through my hands faster & faster & I'm just getting older & older and before I know it I will be 50 and still have nothing.

I think that I'm freaking myself out...and everyone always says I am still young enough to think about what I want, but am I? Really? Because I don't feel very young & I feel like time is running out. I want to do something I am passionate about & I am definitely not passionate about filing papers.

ARRRGGGHHH, stupid brain. Please shut up.
I am very happy though to at least have a million dreams instead of none at all.

p.s. I promised pictures of the worst sun burn in the world...here it is...

This makes me laugh because his arms are ridiculously dark. It hurts to look at. My poor sweetheart.



I had such a lovely & beautiful weekend.

- Daniel & I saw Shellac saturday & sunday night at the Echoplex.
- We went to the beach
- Daniel's belly turned this color...seriously (I need to take pictures):

- He's in A LOT of pain.
- Daniel & I played soccer.
- Daniel gave me my birthday present 10 days early.
- Amy & Andrew also gave me my birthday present early.
- I'll share more of what I got once it actually comes around.
- Amy also let me borrow a couple of books to read because I need something to do while I am bored at work (Thanks Amy!!)
- We ate menchies this weekend
- This was supposed to be a short list...
- Bye


Feeling Lethargic

I wish that I was at the beach with my darling Daniel...

...but instead I am here

at work.

feeling empty.

looking empty...

also looking like Spock from the new Star Trek movie

this is what he looks like.

I think that I just really need some sun...

please someone take me to the beach soon

I could soak in the sun for hours

I hate these moods..



On Sunday, we were walking up to the front of LACMA, & when you first walk up it looks like this. Totally awesome right?

So we kept on walking up when all of a sudden saw this:

Which the sight of that many beautiful bright colors made me the happiest person in the world...because bright colors makes the world go round...or something along those lines.

So at first glance I thought they were a bunch of paper lanterns & thought to myself how I wanted them even more now, but then we got closer...

..& closer...

& that's when we realized that it was all made out of plastic bowls, cups, tupperware, baskets...and so on. What a neat idea! I loved it so much & I totally didn't expect it to be what it was.

We had to wait for our friends to arrive, so we sat around a waited for a little & that's when I heard some comotion going on by the display & I turn to see a guy inside of it just walking around like he owns the place (there is clearly a guard around the thing so you know not to go in, as seen in picture one) & he has two ladies taking pictures of him & the LACMA security officer is yelling at the guy to get out NOW!

But the guy doesn't leave...& the group he is with is trying to explain that it's ok, but the security guy is a bit loud & isn't paying much attention to their pleas, but then they finally finish their sentence & it turns out the guy is the artist. "It's ok, he's the artist!!"

They probably should have let them know what they were going to do, but it made for a good show & it made my day.


Busy Sunday

Sunday morning I woke up around 8am...I don't think I ever wake up that early on weekends, but it was for a good cause. Daniel's older brother (Andrew) & his wife (Amy) needed help moving into their new place in Tarzana. Surprisingly I had a lot of fun moving boxes, but that probably has something to do with the fact that I love Daniels family and they make me laugh all the time.

After the move we met up with some friends and went to LACMA to have a look around at some of the galleries they had. Super fun. & then after because Japanese food sounded de-lish, we drove around Wilshire Blvd. for a little and stopped at the first place that said "Japanese Cuisine." Turned out to be soooo yummy.

The only thing that made my day a little less than stellar was the fact that I didn't get to see my sweet puppy Louie until 9:30pm...it made me super depressed and extremely homesick.

Because honestly, with a face like this it's almost impossible not to want him near you 24/7

Especially when grass is hanging out of his mouth.

p.s. Both Louie & I had a nuzzle-fest as soon as we saw eachother. It was a lovely moment that made my heart explode with happiness.